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Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Using our proprietary process we are able to create a full spectrum oil that brings out the all the beneficial elements of botanicals while keeping nonessential byproducts to a minimum. This allows our oils to be top in class in experience and flavor.

Relief, finally!

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have been using the Orange Sunshine CBD oil for about a month now. I have noticed a difference in my muscle pain. I’ve been an ICU nurse for 20 years and nursing can be very hard on your body. Since I’ve been using the CBD oil I have noticed less pain in my neck and shoulders from charting on the computer during my shift. I’ve tried battery operated heating pads, stretching, and tens to offer relief during 12 hour shifts. The CBD oil has made a difference and I’ve noticed the longer and more consistently I take it the better results I see. I highly recommend this product and recommend giving it a try. If you’re like me anything that offers some relief is worth a shot and Im glad I found this oil.

Candi C.

Excellent Product

I’m taking CBD oil for the last 3 months for my overall wellness and I’m very impressed with the benefits that I’m experiencing improved in the anxiety level, helps to relax and lifting my mood . Joint mobility ,neck and shoulder stiffness also increased , overall flexibility is very good . But for years I was dealing with sleep issues and since I’m taking the oil my sleep pattern is more balance and I’m reaching the REM stage with no drowsy feeling in the morning. Something else I experienced is the rapidly growing of my nails ( they seems to be stronger also) and hair. My intake is 20 drops per night under my tongue, I do recommend this CBD oil cuz is an excellent product Thank you!

Patricia L.


Recommend to anyone

Patricia L. works on my body to keep me going and recently gave me some of your CBD Oil for the inflammation problem I have. I can’t say thank you enough for putting this product together because I have had a significant decrease in pain, and my sleep patterns are wonderful. Thank you again and I would recommend your product to anyone!!

Brock M

Former Pro Golfer

Your CBD Journey Begins

Our Proprietary Process beings with Premium Flower.

Our Full Spectrum Products Contain a Variety of Beneficial Compounds.

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Unlike isolated products containing only CBD (often times synthetic) our full spectrum extracts contain a variety of beneficial compounds. Our proprietary process begins with premium flower (as opposed to stalks and stems) put through an inert dual fluid supercritical extraction, collected in a precision controlled environment allowing retention of the most beneficial compounds giving the most balanced and complete remedy available.

Why Choose Our CBD Products?

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